Transcriptions is the representation of speech in written form. Perhaps you would like to publish a presentation or speech in written form as well or you have conducted interviews or linguistic experiments that you need in writing for the analysis?

I carry out professional transcriptions of German audio and video files as well as translations of English and Swedish recordings into German. Upon request, I can also adapt the transcribed text for written use and publishing.

Moreover, I carry out scientific transcriptions in ELAN as well as tagging for e.g. word classes, phrases, morphemes etc.

My transcription services:


… of German audio and video recordings


… for written use and publications


… of English and Swedish recordings into German

Scientific transcriptions...

… in ELAN as well as data tagging


Transcriptions and the translation of transcriptions is charged per minute of the recording. It depends among other on the audio quality, the speaking rate, the number of speakers, the required accuracy of the transcription (if for example pauses, slips etc. should be logged) and the urgency of the assignment.

The adaption of the text for the written publishing and the data tagging are charged hourly.

Do you want to order a transcription?

Please send me the audio or video recording, the required deadline, the requested services as well as information about the intended use of the transcription. The more complete your information, the faster I can send you a quote and start working.