Linguistic Analyses

If your research team lacks time and staff, I am there for you. Apart from scientific transcriptions and tagging of audio and video files in ELAN(see transcriptions), I can support you with the analysis of language data in linguistics or other subject fields.

I am especially experienced with morphology and syntax analyses and the area of information structure. My interest areas in linguistics include typology and the diversity of the world’s languages. Additionally, I have an interest in multilingualism and language acquisition.

My language skills:

  • German (native language)
  • Swedish, English (professional working languages)
  • French, Russian (good language skills)
  • Norwegian, Danish (passive language skills)
  • Spanish, Farsi, Icelandic, Swahili, Latin, Old Norse, Old Church Slavonic (attended to language classes)
  • Basque, Levantine Arabic (self-study)
  • Indo-European languages, Tupí and Arawak languages, Basque (conducted linguistic analyses)


Linguistic analyses are charged hourly, depending on the complexity of the tasks.

Do you need enhancement for your team?

Send me a message with information about your project, your questions and ideas. I will then call you back so we can discuss the details.