Translation & Localization

I translate your texts from English and Swedish into my native language German.

Soll Ihr Text außerdem inhaltlich oder kulturell angepasst werden (Transkreation), führe ich gerne die dafür notwendigen Recherchen durch und liefere Ihnen einen Text, der auf Ihre deutsche Leserschaft abgestimmt ist. I can also support you with the localization of the user interface of your software/apps and the related instructions.

For all my translations, you can be assured that your text sounds like an original text – also in German.

I translate…

Marketing materials...

… like websites, newsletters and brochures

Apps & Software...

… as well as the related instructions

Scientific articles...

… in the field of linguistics and related fields

Texts in the following areas:

Politics, history, culture and society

Exercise, nutrition and lifestyle

Traveling, nature and tourism

Linguistics, language history and language teaching


The prices for translations are calculated per word. The advantage is that you know from the beginning how much a translation will cost. The word prices depend, among other factors, on the difficulty of the source text, the urgency of the order as well as the format in which you provide the source text.

Do you want to order a translation?

Please send me the source text, the requested delivery date, information about the target audience and the intended use of the text as well as any further relevant information (reference texts etc.). The more complete your information, the faster I can send you an offer and start working.